Bible Crossword Puzzles

The Bible crossword puzzles listed below can be solved online or printed out via a PDF file.

One cool thing about the 21x21 Bible puzzles is that you do not need access to a Bible to solve the puzzle. Most clues have a '?' symbol to the right of the clue. Clicking the '?' symbol will take the solver to a page where the Bible verse can be read to find the answer. I also tried to include an alternative clue for each word that is a common everyday word. Example, for the answer SLEEPER, I have this clue:

Train car or person who needs awoken in Ephesians 5:14 (NIV)

Note: There is also a PDF version of the puzzle that can be displayed by clicking the PDF link.

Here are the puzzles that I have loaded so far:

21x21 Bible Puzzles (includes linked clues that display a bible verse)
Genesis (21x21) published on 7/1/2010
Exodus (21x21) published on 7/1/2010
Leviticus (21x21) published on 7/3/2010
Numbers (21x21) published on 7/3/2010

15x15 Bible Puzzles
Bank of Heaven (15x15) published on 7/1/2010
Bible Colors (15x15) published on 7/1/2010
Three Steps to Salvation (15x15) published on 7/1/2010

Check back often to this page for new Bible puzzles.  I will also have other more traditional Bible puzzles that have common everyday words within the puzzle.

For additional information on how I developed these puzzles, click this Blog limk