Web Based Puzzles for Businesses

Do you have a business where you would like to draw customers to your website and increase sales?

Many businesses send out monthly emails to customers with the hope that they will visit their site and possibly order a product or service.

Dave's Crosswords offers a unique and fun product to businesses who would like to get potential customers to navigate their site. 

The way it works is that you team up with Dave's Crosswords to identify the products that you want to highlight.  Dave will work with you to design an interactive crossword puzzle.  The puzzle will direct your site visitors to the web pages that you would like your customers to visit. 

Below is an example of this product.  The link below could be included in a monthly newsletter.  A suggestion for the email could be  .... "If you bring in a completed puzzle, you will get a 5% discount on any order over $50.00".  This is also an incentive for customers to visit your store.

Click the following link for the sample Business Website Puzzle: Spice and Tea Exchange

The puzzle has a '?' as part of each clue.  In order to get the answer, most people will have to click the '?'.  By clicking the '?', the puzzle solver will be directed to your website where they may stop for a while and do some shopping.  Just think of the potential sales.

Note: The puzzle also has a printable PDF link.  This would be the way that a customer could print the puzzle in order to bring it to the store.

If you think that this could boost your web traffic and sales, contact Dave for a free consultation on your website needs.