About Me

I guess I need to introduce myself. My name is Dave Diebold and I am a professional crossword puzzle constructor. I have been constructing crossword puzzles since the early 1970's. I have been fortunate to have had puzzles published in magazines and newspapers across the United States.

My grandfather was the inspiration for me to get started in this hobby. He loved sports and crossword puzzles. His favorite baseball team was the Pittsburgh Pirates (my hometown).

So, when I was a teenager, I decided to try and create a puzzle for my grandfather. Back in the 1970's, there were no computer programs. So, I had to use graph paper to design the puzzle grid. I worked on the puzzle for the entire summer. It ended up being a giant puzzle. I'm not sure what the exact dimensions were, but it may have been a record size.

My grandfather loved the puzzle and his encouragement is probably what has kept me constructing puzzles to this day.

So, that is a brief introduction about myself. As the days go by, I will share other stories about my life as a crossword constructor. Also, this site will eventually feature links to all of my puzzles, both old and new.

I will also provide links to services I provide.  For example, click here to learn how to request a personalized crossword puzzle to give as a gift.

So, check back frequently for more blog updates and puzzles.