Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bible Crosswords

One of the most challenging projects that I have undertaken as a crossword puzzle constructor began in 1993. That was the year that I became a Christian by accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior.

The project that I undertook was creating 21x21 Bible-themed puzzles. The challenging part of the puzzle construction, was that I wanted to use as many bible words in the puzzle as possible. Most crossword puzzles that have a theme tend to only have a small number of words associated with the theme.

In the Bible puzzles that I created, I sometimes was able to have 100% of the words as theme words. I am not sure if this has ever been accomplished in a large 21X21 puzzle.

Note: When I say 21x21, that refers to the number of squares across and down.

The project took several years to complete. I have used the puzzles at my church as part of a children's discipleship program. It has helped the kids get to know their bible, since they had to look up hundreds of bible verses.

The puzzles were created to be solved by hand (printing a PDF file). I am slowly converting the bible puzzles to JAVA (where the solver can solve online via the Internet). You may need a JAVA plug-in for your browser for the puzzle to display. If you need a plug-in, click here.  Some browsers may need to have settings changed to allow java applets to execute.  Below are the puzzles that I have converted to JAVA:

Special 21x21 Bible Puzzles (includes linked clues)
Genesis (21x21 published on 7/1/2010)
Three Steps to Salvation (15x15 published on 7/1/2010)

One cool thing about the Bible puzzles is that you do not even need a Bible to solve the puzzle.  Most clues have a '?' to the right of the clue.  Clicking the '?' will take the solver to a page where the verse can be read to find the answer.  I also tried to include an alternative clue for each word that is a common everyday word.  Example, for the answer SLEEPER, I have this clue:

              Train car or person who needs awoken in Ephesians 5:14 (NIV)

Note: There is also a PDF version of the puzzle that can be displayed by clicking the PDF link.

Check back often to the following page for new Bible puzzles.  I will also have other more traditional bible puzzles that have common everyday words within the puzzle.

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